What I Learnt About Success

So after much deliberation, I am ready to say that success is overrated. Billions of us are trying to become successful but what if you could somehow realize that success is overrated and there may be an alternative to this drug called success that helps you exactly like success but there is no chasing around involved.

Think about it, when was the last time you sat down with a pen and paper and defined what grade will make you feel successful in school? Or write down the salary figure that will make you feel successful? Or how many months of clean eating will make you feel successful?

Even if you have had a number when you achieve it, your definition of success also widens. Why does this happen? Why doesn’t the feeling of being successful work like seeing the Taj Mahal for the first time? You see it and there you are successful for life. Or let me put it in better words, why isn’t the feeling of being successful continuous.

What is the meaning of being successful?

Success is a continuous operation of how you feel. Feelings are our biggest success and we spend an awful lot of time recognizing how and what we feel.

Success is not to purchase. Success is to mobilize successful feelings.

Have you thought about why being successful in every project that you undertake becomes your priority? You may start to feel that if you don’t become successful in every endeavor you undertake then the whole exercise was futile. Why do we keep coming back to this journey of trying to be successful? We all are two people in one. One is always competing externally and one is making the internal ideas shape in reality. As much as we are competing there is always something that we want to win for ourselves internally and it is different every time.

The internal win helps us feel successful and to honor that feeling we purchase or buy a symbol that represents that win for us internally. Let me tell you why? When a politician wins an election they purchase expensive cars, jets, with customized-leather seats-fur cushions. Have you ever wondered why? Winning an election in a democracy could only mean representing millions of people and that could make someone feel successful but what has a luxury car got to do with that?

Success is overrated because competition externally plays a substantial role in assessing success in our society and consequently in our minds. We could be giving birth to our addiction of wanting to feel successful again and again. It could be to feed off the emotions we feel when we undertake an ambition and seize our way to success. This process of continuously feeling successful undoubtedly creates a sense of moving forward, reaching a new destination. This is probably why success is marketed as a positive emotion.

I think that success is a continuous operation of how you feel and be aware of those feelings and trying to truly live life with that knowledge of honest achievements no matter how little or big. So when someone asks me these days, what my ambition is? I say my ambition is to feel better and feel more.




Curiosity is my subject.

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Ayushee Mishra

Ayushee Mishra

Curiosity is my subject.

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